Creating space to help heal the racial divide in America.

Our nation is hurting, but through the power of love, empathy and understanding we can mend even the deepest and oldest wounds.

"Our Mission"

“Momentum Conversations is a grassroots movement based on a simple premise: Relationships produce change.  We are forming a coalition of members of all communities to start the conversation regarding the unification of all people.”

We're breaking bread together, learning from one another.

Here, church leaders come together and help inspire fellow Christians to unify around our shared faith, resisting and rejecting all forms of racism. We invest in relationships and we listen. We seek first to understand and we learn from each other. This is our moment, and Momentum is what’s needed.

Be part of the conversation

The conversation is happening, and we want your voice to be a part of it. Don’t be afraid to speak up, speak out, and speak the truth. We invite you to get involved by hosting or joining a Momentum Conversations dinner. Or support our mission by sponsoring an event, hosting a location, or providing a financial donation so that more Momentum groups can be established.

Partnering together to change hearts and minds

We work with Heal America and other groups to help spread the mission of Momentum Conversations and bring more voice into the conversation.

We have to come together in an open-minded way and say, ‘I want to learn’. All through the Bible, what did King David say? ‘Teach me, O Lord. Teach me.’
Harry Sewell


Have a church, restaurant or facility where we can foster relationships and help establish more Momentum groups?
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Let’s connect with each other in one accord against racism. And let God guide our work. Join us as we break bread together (and gather virtually) to stand in unity for racial equity and justice, one relationship at a time.


Together, we can help heal the racial divide in America. We greatly appreciate financial donations to our cause.
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