There is a mass movement for racial justice in America. For many Christians, the George Floyd killing on the streets of Minneapolis, and many other incidents like it, have marked a crossroads in awareness of a great issue in our country. This inflection point in history has motivated and inspired a greater expansion of our empathy for one another and an acute realization that we must convene as Christians to bring racial healing, respect and equality.

But where is the Christian church’s voice on this? How are we seeking to understand, listen and come together in unity?

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This moment is the dawning of a church-led movement. 

We need to stop accepting the things we cannot change. And start changing the things we cannot accept. This is a hearts and minds movement and it starts with Momentum Conversations.

Through Christ’s example, Momentum Conversations is a grassroots movement that will pave the way for black and white church leaders to convene, break bread together and mobilize the collective church to unify around our shared faith and the belief that God does not show partiality. We will work to understand then eradicate racial bias in any form.

Steadfast in our mission and desire to exemplify the power of Christ’s love, we can and will close the racial divide. Through fellowship, breaking bread together and strengthening relationships, we will have the difficult conversations, reflect together and move forward in a way that is unified and equitable. We are all God’s children and we all – regardless of background or experience – can come together to lead with love and heal the racial wounds in our country. The church must lead.

The conversation is happening. Be a part of it.

Christian leaders: let’s connect with each other in one accord against racism. And let God guide our work. Join us as we break bread together (and gather virtually) to stand in unity for racial equity and justice, one relationship at a time.


We're moving toward racial understanding, healing and action. Do not be afraid to speak up, speak out and speak the truth.

Together is the only way forward for meaningful change and we are called to do our part as Christians.

Unifying Christians as catalysts for racial healing, inspiring understanding, empathy and action in every community